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The Sons of Williamstown, A Labour of Love project set out to identify the full names and locate the service records of every man on the Williamstown Town Hall Honour Board.

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Identifying the sons of Williamstown

The men on the Williamstown Town Hall Honour Board are named using initials and surnames with occasional use of rank, for instance Capt. for Captain, Spr. for Sapper (Field Engineer/Pioneer). In most cases locating names and matching them to service records was a straightforward task. Using archival resources, including those of the National Archives of Australia, the Australian War Memorial, National Library of Australia’s TROVE and with the assistance of the community, we were able to identify nearly all of the men.

Some were more difficult to identify

We have not identified the following eight men, that is, we have yet to confirm their first names, locate records and match these men to the service records.

We know that R Martin attended the North Presbyterian Church (refer to biography page R Martin) but sadly have not located his service records.

Of the 265 portraits on the Williamstown Town Hall Honour Board there are two labelled J H Skewes.  There is a 1919 list of ‘Names of Local Fallen Soldiers’ in the Williamstown Chronicle.  This list comprises 265 names.  There is one J H Skewes on the newspaper list and a G H Stanley, whose name does not appear on the board.  We believe that one of the two J H Skewes photos may be G H Stanley.

We would love you to contact us if you have any information on any of these men.

Sons of Williamstown Unidentified Men



Notes on Names

We found in some cases the spelling of names may differ from military records to the spelling on our Honour Board.

Sometimes people were known more commonly by their middle names, for instance John Leslie Bryan Baker appears as B Baker on the board.

Hyphenated names occasionally caused confusion as with Archibald Ferguson-McLellan who is listed as McL A Ferguson on the board. The military used McLellan as his surname.

An alias may have been used when enlisting and sometimes errors were made transposing information onto the honour board.  For example C A Minett is misspelt as C A Minet on the board and W M Ferns appears as W M Ferus.

We have made every effort to ensure names and details are correct and ask that you contact us if you believe an error has occurred.


Below is a list where the names on the Williamstown Honour Board differ from the service records.  These people are marked with an asterisk (*) on the full alphabetical list.  Please refer to the individual biographies on this website for more information.

Surname on Board Initials on Board Name (Service Records)
Aile J James Ailes
Archibold E Ernest Archbold
Baker B John Leslie Bryan Baker
Balfour HAG Arthur Gordon Balfour
Blair M Hugh McGill Blair
Bowe-Fitzpatrick J Joseph Fitzpatrick
Butler AH Herbert Augustus Kingsbury Butler
Calcutt A Gerald Calcutt
Connery T Thomas Murray
Ferguson McL A Archibald Ferguson-McLellan
Ferus WM William Morton Ferns
Hewet AF George Frederick Hewet also known as Augustus Fredrick
Hewitt WR Rupert Hewitt
Hustler TMH Thomas Hoggett
Legge EJ Edward John Legg
McAustan DS Donald Stewart McAuslan
McNab JC John Charles MacNab
Meatchern H Herbert Meatchem
Minet CA Charles Alexander Minett
Monteith J Frederick Charles Monteith
O’Rourke TJ Thomas George O’Rourke
Richardson CWH George William Henry Richardson
Robinson JH James Noble Robinson
Sheeran HJ Hector Irving Sheeran
Storey TT Thomas Townsend Story
Thompson AB Adam Bain Thomson
Tresize L Leslie Trezise
Tresize R Reginald Trezise

Alphabetical List and Guide – pdf_icon Download PDF